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TELEOS TELEMEDICINE represents the most advanced mental health platform, which has been created to provide excellent communication and programming opportunities exclusively with Psychiatrists, Child Psychiatrists and certified Psychologists.

With simple procedures and with respect to privacy, the patient can search for the specialist that suits him/her and make an appointment either at his/her office ( doctor’s office) or online through the Video Calling application.


  • Customer development in Specialists’ country and abroad.
  • Potential collaborations with institutions and hospitals all over the world.
  • Effective advertisement on Teleos Telemedicine Network and Social Media.
  • Ability to serve emergencies 24/7 through the ‘Available Now’ application.
  • Safe use of teleconference platform, as well as strict compliance with the rules of confidentiality. (GDRP compliant)
  • Easy video calling process without installing programs and software.
  • Specialized video calling tool for mental health sessions.
  • Professional secretarial support.
  • Free registration of the specialist on the Video call platform.
  • Easy and safe prepayment of the specialist.
  • Publication and promotion of articles in the Blog of Teleos Telemedicine.
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